D/S Red Polyester Tape


Red Polyester Tape (A-89) is a double sided adhesive strip with translucent Salmon Red Color PE Liner which is highly suitable for mounting of decorative profiles, moldings, and trim parts for wide width lamination. Our red tapes are manufactured from finest-grade polyester that acts as a jacket of protection to withstand great heat exposure.

  • It is recommended for film splicing/joining application.
  • Preferred for Flex Media Joint, Foam Board Fixing, Glass and Acrylic Transparent Sheet Joining

Item Code Standard Length Liner Thickness(mm)
P-89 50 Mtr Red - filmic 0.200 ±10%
A-89 50 Mtr Red - filmic 0.110 ±10%
P-89 A 50 Mtr Red - filmic 0.200 ±10%
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Solvent Resistant
  • Acrylic based adhesive
  • Strong holding power and no adhesive deterioration
  • Excellent temperature and solvent resistant
  • Good shear strength
  • No slippage after long applied