Abrasive Belt


Abrasive Belt used for grinding & polishing with machinery process on metal, wood, and other materials. It is typically used as a finishing process in the industry. A belt, coated with abrasive material, is run over the surface to be processed to remove rough practical or produce the desired finish. We have different abrasive belt sizes to meet your needs and requirements.


Narrow belts are available in a wide variety of sizes and materials to fit the most back stand, and bench stands grinders in a range of grits for most dimensioning, intermediate grinding, and polishing applications across industries like Hand Tools, Auto Components, Aluminum Die- Castings, Sanitary Fitting, etc.

  • The high surface quality of abrasive belt grinding is reflected in small surface roughness and no micro flaws
  • Abrasive belt grinding equipment is easy and safe to operate.
  • Abrasive belt grinding produces low noise and little amount