AIPL About Us


AIPL Tapes Industry is an emerging company that manufactures all kinds of self-adhesive tapes. Our management has vast global experience in the field of self-adhesive tapes. Intending to be known as a one-stop self adhesive supplier, we serve the adhesive needs of all industries, whether it is the HVAC industry, Signage Industry, Construction, and building industry, Structure Glazing, Paper Printing and Packaging Industry or any other. Our self adhesive tape uses are plenty, it can bond dissimilar matters with sort of incompatibility concerns. Our self adhesive tapes are waterproof, fire and heat resistant. Explore our online store to discover the full range of self adhesive tapes.

The Self Adhesive Tape Manufacturing Process - How We Work?

AIPL Tapes Industry is equipped with a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility having two plants at the same location, I.e., QUWAIN, U.A.E. AIPL has installed one latest imported multipurpose coating machine, has fully automatic slitting machines with the capacity to slit narrow widths, and has manual slitting facilities and R & D Lab with Stringent Quality Control Department AIPL. We also have full-fledged lab testing facilities to match the customers' requirements according to P.S.A.'s standards and other measures.


AIPL - Vision

To be the undisputed leader in the lives of all the stakeholders, employees, associates, vendors and community in general.

AIPL – Mission

To be the brand of choice for customers.


  • Covered Area 20000Sq.Ft.
  • Converting Slitters / Rewinders
  • Coating Facility In house
  • Laboratory FacilityIn house
  • Covered Area 33200Sq.Ft.
  • Converting Slitters / Rewinders
  • Coating Facility In house
  • Laboratory FacilityIn house



  • - Products having great binding strength
  • - People having force of character, will, morality and intelligence
  • - Processes robust but flexible to create efficiency


  • - Products with diversified applications with specialised properties
  • - People who are astute, quick, intelligent and prepared
  • - Processes which are able and make people capable


  • - Products with consistent quality and continuous performance
  • - People with focus on customer satisfaction
  • - Processes that maintain equilibrium for output